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Spice Punch - BBQ Schools

Rodeos Eakley Manor Farm, Eakley Lanes, Stoke Goldington, MK16 8LP
Classes held throughout the year from April - December

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Rodeos Class Gallery

We are offering a number of classes at Rodeos including:

BBQ Basics - Aimed for begginer looking to get a deeper insight into techniques and temperature control. This class teaches low and slow smoked foods, reverse sear, smoke and grill, dirty style, direct grilling, smash burger techniques, sides, sauces & steaks. You will come away full of both food and knowledge in this full on session.

Homestyle Butchery -
Aimed for people who are curious about having a go at butchery or want more confidence in breaking down bigger cuts of meat at home.
This hands-on class teaches knife skills as you prepare several chickens in different ways before moving onto a large shortloin of beef where you will all have a go at using the bone saw and knifes to butcher a steak before everyone gets hands-on with the cooking.

Taco Class - Throughout the day this hands on class will teach you all about making tacos from scratch, we will then cook 6 different types of taco through the course of the day using authentic mexican recipies and ingredients. Cooked over fire for extra authenticity, you'll learn loads of techniques and skills to impress your friends.

Stuff On Sticks (new for 2024) - This relaxed and casual day takes your tastebuds around the world for some of the best dishes served on skewers. You will prepare the meat, load the skewers & cook several dishes throughout the day over hot coals learning about the dishes and trying some old favourites & new experiences

Christmas Class - Towards the end of the year, we will start to host some Christmas classes. These classes aim to cram a whole Christmas day into one class to give you ideas and inspiration for your own Christmas day on the BBQ. We serve snacks, cannapes, xmas breakfast, smoked mulled wine, starters, mains and puddings all cooked over fire and charcoal. This is a class where people can get hands-on and help to cook throughout the day.
A proper xmas feast! 



SoCal BBQ Shop - Southampton Calor Centre, Third Ave, Millbrook, Southampton SO15 0JX

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